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Date Title Category
112-1學期學程登記(含申請、變更)公告Apply for Program Registration-適用大學日間部110、111學年度課規學生 Latest News
112-1st Application to Cancel Course Latest News
Add/Drop Courses and Over Credits Application Schedule for 2023 Fall Semester Latest News
Asia University Cooperates with LEADTEK Research Inc, Allowing Students to Obtain the NVIDIA DLI International Certification Before Graduation​​​​​​ Latest News
The Department of Nursing and HTC Co-organizing the World's First "Generative AI Metaverse Curriculum Development " Workshop. Latest News
Asia University Takes the Lead in Integrating ChatGPT and Generating AI into Teaching & Research Latest News
Gourangalal Das, President of the Indian Taipei Association Paid a Visit to Asia University Latest News
Indonesian IISMA Students at Asia U Wish to Continue Pursuing Their Master's Degree Latest News
Asia University Awarded an Honorary Doctorate to Lisa Su, CEO & Chair of AMD Latest News
2022-2nd Semester Course Pre-Selection Latest News
【Virtual meeting】 "Vision, Innovative Governance and Sustainability: A 21st Century Higher Education Paradigm"  Lecture/Activity
(Student~12/8) 2021 Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learnin Lecture/Activity
(Professor/Student)Indo-Taiwan MTech programme launched in VLSI design at Sastra University Lecture/Activity
(Professor/Student - 110/3/25) Smart Home with Software Intelligence, IoT and AI Lecture/Activity
(Professor/Student - February 2, 2021)The Principle of Wisdom and its Application to Fintech Innovation Lecture/Activity
(Professor - Jan 18, 2021) Outstanding Lecture Series - "Strategies for Writing Literature Exploration Essays: Examples of Qualitative and Quantitative Essay Writing Lecture/Activity
(Professor/Studen - January 14, 2021) Exploring the Application and Impact of AI Artificial Intelligence and Big Data from the Perspective of Leisure and Recreation (PolyAnalyst Software Usage) Lecture/Activity
(Professor) - Congratulations to Professor Yao-Nan Lien for winning the 2020 Emerald Literati Highly Commended Paper! Honors
(Student) - Blockchain and Business Modeling Competition Winners Honors
(Student) - Smart Tea Model Contest Winners Honors
Research Area of Faculties Honors
H60B - Mobile Communication Lab. Honors
I629 - Smart Optoelectronic Image Processing Lab. Honors
I534 - Lab. of Smart IoT(Internet of Things) Honors
I633-1 - Measurement and Instrumentation Lab. Honors
I320 - Computational Microelectronics Lab. Honors
H405 - Mobile & Computing Networking Lab. Honors
2022 Taiwan Higher Education Fair (Online) International Student Zone
2022 Summer Program Information International Student Zone
Foreign Students Gathering - Lunch party International Student Zone
【Asia-csie,大學生】110學年上學期 International Student Zone
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