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Student Zone 【Asia-csie,for University student】110 academic year courses
Lecture/Activity (教授/學生)Indo-Taiwan MTech programme launched in VLSI design at Sastra University
Latest News [Office of Academic Affairs] 109-2 semester postgraduate thesis examination "application" and "verification form" signing instructions
Latest News [Office of Academic Affairs] 109 school year graduation review and school leaving homework instructions
Latest News [Office of Academic Affairs-Announcement] Voting for "Outstanding and Excellent Teachers in Teaching" for the year 110
Lecture/Activity (Professor/Student - 110/3/25) Smart Home with Software Intelligence, IoT and AI
Student Zone (110th) Master's/Ph.D.-Exam Admission Interview Timetable
Student Zone (109th) Academic Affairs Office Announcement - Course Add/Drop and Overload Application Announcement (including extension and cold transfer students)
Latest News (110th) Ministry of Education Announcement - "Sea of Learning Series Project - Sea of Learning Flies, Sea of Learning Cherishes Pearls, Sea of Learning Builds Dreams, New Southward Sea of Learning Builds Dreams
Latest News (110th) Center for International Academic Exchange Announcement - Railway Technology Practicum Course [Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology Intercampus Elective Course]
Lecture/Activity (Professor/Student - February 2, 2021)The Principle of Wisdom and its Application to Fintech Innovation
Student Zone (109 th Year) Doctoral Program - Qualifying Examination Oral Exam Schedule January 19 - January 21
Student Zone (109th)School of Information and Electrical Engineering Bulletin - Basic Programming (I)(II)(III) Supplementary Examinations
Lecture/Activity (Professor - Jan 18, 2021) Outstanding Lecture Series - "Strategies for Writing Literature Exploration Essays: Examples of Qualitative and Quantitative Essay Writing
Lecture/Activity (Professor/Studen - January 14, 2021) Exploring the Application and Impact of AI Artificial Intelligence and Big Data from the Perspective of Leisure and Recreation (PolyAnalyst Software Usage)
Honors (Professor) - Congratulations to Professor Yao-Nan Lien for winning the 2020 Emerald Literati Highly Commended Paper!
Honors (Student) - Smart Tea Model Contest Winners
Honors (Student) - Blockchain and Business Modeling Competition Winners
Honors Research Area of Faculties
Honors H60B - Mobile Communication Lab.