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IEET Certification

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What is IEET Accreditation?

IEET accreditation is a non-government, peer-review process with a student-outcomes based orientation. The purpose of which is to determine if a degree-granting program meets certain standards of quality. A program requests for IEET accreditation on a voluntary basis, and the accredited status is not permanent; it has to be renewed through periodic review to demonstrate the continuing fulfillment of IEET accreditation criteria.


IEET accreditation is not a ranking system, but a process through which to ensure that a program continues to achieve its own educational objectives and that its students have attained the required outcomes by graduation. IEET encourages the program to establish its own characteristics and by acquiring the accreditation status to declare to the relevant professional community and to the world at large, that it meets the quality standards set by the profession.


IEET accreditation applies to degree-granting programs at the Ministry of Education recognized universities that award bachelor's, master's or doctoral degrees. Since 2004, IEET has been involved in accreditation of engineering, computing, technical, and architectural education.


IEET accreditation is a period review process with a six-year cycle, and the review types are general review and interim review. General review is a complete review process that takes place every six years, whereas the interim review is a focused, follow-up review within an accreditation cycle to check on the improvement made by the program based on the weakness observed from the last general review.