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Form for Master Student

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研究生手冊 Guideline for Master  student  這是一張圖片
學位論文學術倫理暨原創性聲明書 Statement of Academic Ethics and Originality Comparison
From the fall semester of the academic year 2022, students must submit the statement of academic ethics and originality comparison with the signature of the advisor(s) and the chair of the department or degree program to the department for future reference.
研究生上傳論文前自我檢查項目 Thesis/Dissertation submission check list
Updated since the first semester of the 111 school year
論文計畫書審查流程Evaluation Form of Master Degree Research Proposal 
Since Semester 112-1, the dissertation proposal review is online application
學位考試申請表 Application Form of Graduate Degree Examination
自111-1學期起更新 Updated since the first semester of the 111 school year
自112-1學期起,學位考試為線上申請  Since Semester 112-1, the degree exam is applied online
口試流程 Oral application process   這是一張圖片 這是一張圖片
論文格式 Paper Format    這是一張圖片 這是一張圖片
修業要點 The regulation of study by Master Student    這是一張圖片