Wen-Thong Chang(張文鐘)
Status Professor
Name Wen-Thong Chang(張文鐘)
Position Distinguished Professor
Education Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Extension 1820
Research Areas Video signal processing, video/audio streaming, 
Video compressing and encoding/decoding, 
networking and communication,
mobile and cellular communication,
signal and image processing,
cloud computing and storage.
Office hour

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Office I617R
Experience Asia university, Dept. of Photonics and Communication, Distinguished Professor&Chairman
Asis university, Office of Industry-Academia Collaboration, Chief
Chiao Tung University, Strategic Office, Executive Officer
Chiao Tung University, Innovation and Incubation center, Chief
Chiao Tung University, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Professor
Year Paper Title
2021 張文鐘(wen-thong chang)、· Dinh-Thuan Do(· Dinh-Thuan Do), Cognitive IoT relaying NOMA networks with user clustering and imperfect SIC, Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications, 2021
2007 張文鐘, A chaos-based visual encryption mechanism in JPEG2000 medical images, Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering, vol.27 no.3 pp.144-149, 2007
Date of Publication Paper Title
2023.07 Elvin Nur Furqon, Automated Slice Selection and Labeling of Hippocampus Regions for Alzheimer’s Disease , IEEE 2023 ICCE-TW, Jul. 2023, pingtung, taiwan
2023.07 Ardha Ardea(Ardha Ardea Prisil, Automatic Detection of Lumbar Disc Herniation Using YOLOv7 , IEEE 2023 ICCE-TW, Jul. 2023, taiwan
2022.07 Isack Farady, Evaluation of Additional Augmented Images for Steel Surface Defect Detection , IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics, Jul. 2022, taipei, taiwan
2021.10 提葩及(Tipajin Thaipisutikul)、張文鐘(wen-thong chang), A Door Detection System for Convenience Stores in Taiwan , International Conference on Computer System, Information Technology, and Electrical Engineering, Oct. 2021, Banda Aceh - Indonesia
2020.11 謝長倭(Chang-Wei Hsieh)、張文鐘(wen-thong chang), The Preliminary Design of Water Quality Monitor System for the Ecological Pond based on LoRaWAN , 5 th International Symposium on Computer, Consumer and Control, Nov. 2020, taichung, Taiwan
2020.09 林智楊(andrew Lin)、張文鐘(wen-thong chang), Limited, Anchor Deep Neural Network for Moving Object Detection - IEEE 2020 ICCE-TW, Sep. 2020, Taiwan, Taoyan
2017.12 林智楊(andrew lin)、張文鐘(wenthong chang), Offline Automatic Actor Tracking in a Movie , image and vision computing new zealand, Dec. 2017, christchurch, new zealand
2017.11 張文鐘(wen-thong chang), Proactive Guiding with iBeacon in Art Museum , pacific neihhborhood consortium 2017, Nov. 2017, taiwan/tainan/成功大學
2017.05 林榆芝(Yu-Chih Lin)、林豐田(toyata Lin)、張文鐘(wen-thong chang), An Ontology, based Expert System for Enriching Art Museum Experience - Thirteenth Inter. Conf. on Technology, knowledge & Society, May. 2017, Toronto, Canada
2015.08 張文鐘(wen-thong chang), Clock synchronization by phase difference in timing estimation , International Conf. on Electrical and Electronics: Techniques and Applications, Aug. 2015, Phuket, Thailand
2015.01 張文鐘(wen-thong chang), Adaptive Parameter Adaptation in 802.11e , 2015 International Conference on Computer Network and Information System, Jan. 2015, 中國,武漢 Wuhan, China
2013.08 An-Chen Lee、Chih-Peng Chang、張文鐘(wen-thong chang), Performance Assessment of Run, to-Run Mixed Product Control Schemes for Overlay Lithography Processes - International Conference on Computer Networks , E-Learning and Information Technology, Aug. 2013, Bangkok, Thailand
2013.08 Lee an-chen、chih-Peng Chang、張文鐘(wen-thong chang), Control of Stable Processes with Dead Time for Deterministic Disturbance Rejection , International Conference on Computer Networks , E-Learning and Information Technology, Aug. 2013, Bangkok, Thailand
2012.11 張文鐘(wen-thong chang), 802.11e多速率多媒體傳輸的公平性應對機制 method for wifi multimedia multirate transmission , 2012 電信研討會 National Telecom Symposium, Nov. 2012, 彰化師範大學
2012.08 張文鐘(wen-thong chang), MONOSCOPIC DEPTH MAP COMPENSATION USING RECURSIVE METHOD , CVGIP 2012, Aug. 2012, 日月潭 雲品酒店
Project Title Participator Period
霧峰文化觀光時空資料庫之建構與應用-利用iBeacon 建造感應式自動導覽服務(子計畫三)(1/3) (105-2627-M-468-002) 張文鐘(wen-thong chang) 2016.08 ~ 2017.07
時脈預估及重取樣 (20160912153108) 張文鐘(wen-thong chang) 2014.08 ~ 2015.07
802.11e多速率多媒體傳輸的公平性應對機制 (102-2221-E-468-006-) 張文鐘(wen-thong chang) 2013.08 ~ 2014.07
複式攝影機中控系統與投票機制技術規劃與開發 (20130823174752) 張文鐘(wen-thong chang) 2013.05 ~ 2013.10
平交道障礙物自動偵測裝置研究開發計畫 (20130226092208) 張文鐘(wen-thong chang) 2012.08 ~ 2013.02
Category Course Code Course Title Year
研究所博士班 EI100021A 專題講座 (二) 112
研究所博士班 EI100001A 博士論文 112
大學日間部 GRG00256AQ 程式設計與智慧應用 112