Wei-Zu Yang(楊偉儒)
Status Professor
Name Wei-Zu Yang(楊偉儒)
Position Assistant Professor
Education Ph.D. in Information Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Extension 20033
Research Areas Personal communications services, Internet telephony, Network performance analysis, High-speed network, Neural network
Office hour Office Hour 
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Office HB33
Experience Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Asia University
Year Paper Title
2009 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、吳信宏(Hsin-Hung Wu)、楊偉儒(Wei-Zu Yang), Finding Behavior Patterns and Evaluating Orderliness of Dynamical Systems by Spanning Tree Invariants, QUALITY & QUANTITY, vol.43 no.6 pp.1011-1023, 2009
Date of Publication Paper Title
2008.12 智慧型手機藍芽遠端滑鼠遙控器 , 數位內容學術研討會, Dec. 2008, 元智大學
Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 EE300048C 進階程式設計 112
大學日間部 EE300039C 學輔時間(三) 112
大學日間部 EE300048A 進階程式設計 112
大學日間部 EE300049A 網頁系統開發 112