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Forward-looking and pragmatic

With the development of high-tech industries such as information, biotechnology and nanotechnology, the era of the world's knowledge economy is officially announced. In response to the urgent needs of the era of knowledge economy, the concept of "integrating information technology management and strengthening the new knowledge system" is implemented.

Courses in this department cover Information Technology and Information Engineering,In order to fully grasp the development trend of information technology such as the Internet, information dissemination, video media and digital communication, biological information, medical information system, etc., in the hope of creating national wealth and optimizing the quality of life of the people, the school’s common teaching equipment such as Professional computer classroom  and Remote teaching classroom,In order to strengthen the integration of academic theory and practical application, the department has also set up the following laboratories to provide students of the department with the most resourceful internship place to meet the needs of future trends.