Arbee L.P. Chen(陳良弼)
Status Chair Professor column,Professor
Name Arbee L.P. Chen(陳良弼)
Position Chair Professor
Education Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, University of Southern California, USA
Extension 1831
Research Areas Big Data Analysis, Preference Query, Mobile Information System
Office hour Office hour
Websites Web pageT-portfolio
Experience Professor, Department of Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Chair Professor, Vice President, and Dean of College of Information and Electrical Engineering, Asia University, Taiwan
Year Paper Title
2023 Yun Sheng Lin、Liang Kuang Tai、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, The detection of mental health conditions by incorporating external knowledge, JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 2023
2023 Dongze Wu、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, Classical Chinese poetry generation from vernacular Chinese: a word-enhanced supervised approach, MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS, 2023
2023 Kuan-Chieh Lu、Syauki Aulia Thamrin、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, Depression detection via conversation turn classification, MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS, 2023
2022 Zhiyu Zhang、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, Biomedical named entity recognition with the combined feature attention and fully?shared multi?task learning, BMC BIOINFORMATICS, 2022
2022 J.C. Cheng、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, Multimodal Time-Aware Attention Networks for Depression Detection, JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 2022
2022 T.W. Chang、Y.C. Fan、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, Emotion-Cause Pair Extraction Based on Machine Reading Comprehension Model, MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS, 2022
2022 H. Wijayanto、Wenlu Wang、Wei-Shinn Ku、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, LShape Partitioning: Parallel Skyline Query Processing using MapReduce, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERING, 2022
2021 C.Y. Lin、Y.H. Wu、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, Selecting the Most Helpful Answers in Online Health Question Answering Communities, JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 2021
2021 L.K. Tai、E.T. Wang、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, Finding the Most Profitable Candidate Product by Dynamic Skyline and Parallel Processing, DISTRIBUTED AND PARALLEL DATABASES, 2021
2020 Yi-Shian Chen、Che-Yi Chou、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, Early prediction of acquiring acute kidney injury for older inpatients using most effective laboratory test results, BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 2020
2020 Chun Yueh Chiu、Hsien Yuan Lane、Jia Ling Koh、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, Multimodal depression detection on instagram considering time interval of posts, JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 2020
2020 Liang Kuang Tai、Winny Setyonugroho、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, Finding discriminatory features from electronic health records for depression prediction, JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 2020
2020 P.H. Wu、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, Keyword Extraction and Structuralization of Medical Reports, Health Information Science and Systems, vol.8 no.18, 2020
2018 Y.C. Fan、C.W. Chang、W.C. Lee、K.C. Wu、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, On the Semantic Annotation of Wi-Fi SSID Logs in Mobile Applications, Pervasive and Mobile Computing, vol.43 pp.131-145, 2018
2018 M.Y. Wu、C.Y. Shen、E.T. Wang、陳良弼(A.L.P. Chen)*, A Deep Architecture for Depression Detection using Posting, Behavior, and Living Environment Data, JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS pp.1-20, 2018
2017 J.L. Koh、C.C. Chen、C.Y. Chan、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, MapReduce Skyline Query Processing with Partitioning and Distributed Dominance Tests, INFORMATION SCIENCES, vol.375 pp.114-137, 2017
2016 李怡青(I-Ching Lee)*、陳伊慈(Eva E. Chen)、蔡佳泓(Chia-Hung Tsai)、顏乃欣(Nai-Shing Yen)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)、林偉杰(Wei-Chieh Lin), Voting Intention and Choices: Are Voters Always Rational and Deliberative?, PLoS One, vol.11 no.2, 2016
2016 范耀中(Yao-Chung Fan)、陳毓琪(Yu-Chi Chen)、童冠傑(Kuan-Chieh Tung)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, A Framework for Enabling User Preference Profiling through Wi-Fi Logs, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERING, vol.28 no.3 pp.592-603, 2016
2014 李嘉倫(Cha-Lun Li)、王恩慈(En Tzu Wang)、黃國柱(Guo-Jhu Huang)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, Top-n query processing in spatial databases considering bi-chromatic reverse k-nearest neighbors, INFORMATION SYSTEMS JOURNAL, vol.42 pp.123-138, 2014
2014 柯佳伶(Jia-Ling Koh)、林真伊(Chen-Yi Lin)、陳良弼(Arbee L. P. Chen)*, Finding k Most Favorite Products based on Reverse Top-t Queries, VLDB JOURNAL, vol.23 no.4 pp.541-564, 2014
2013 林真伊(Chen-Yi Lin)、柯佳伶(Jia-Ling Koh)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, Determining k-Most Demanding Products with Maximum Expected Number of Total Customers, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERING no.25 pp.1732-1747, 2013
2012 范耀中(Yao-Chung Fan)、陳良弼(A.L.P. Chen)*, Energy Efficient Schemes for Accuracy-Guaranteed Sensor Data Aggregation Using Scalable Counting, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, vol.24 no.8 pp.1462-1477, 2012
2011 顏乃欣(Nai-Shing Yen)、蔡介立(Jie-Li Tsai)、Pei-Ling Chen、Hsuan-Yu Lin、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, Effects of typographic variables on eye-movement measures in reading Chinese from a screen, BEHAVIOUR & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, vol.30 no.6 pp.797-808, 2011
2011 王恩慈(En Tzu Wang)、陳良弼(Arbee L. P. Chen)*, Mining frequent itemsets over distributed data streams by continuously maintaining a global synopsis, DATA MINING AND KNOWLEDGE DISCOVERY, vol.23 no.2 pp.252-299, 2011
2011 左聰文(Chung-Wen Cho)、吳宜鴻(Yi-Hung Wu)、顏秀珍(Show-Jane Yen)、Ying Zheng、陳良弼(Arbee L. P. Chen)*, On-line rule matching for event prediction, VLDB JOURNAL, vol.20 no.3 pp.303-334, 2011
2010 劉寧漢(Ning-Han Liu)、吳宜鴻(Yi-Hung Wu)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, Identifying Prototypical Melodies by Extracting Approximate Repeating Patterns from Music Works, JOURNAL OF INFORMATION SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, vol.26 no.4 pp.1181-1198, 2010
2010 范耀中(Yao-Chung Fan)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen)*, Efficient and Robust Schemes for Sensor Data Aggregation Based on Linear Counting, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS, vol.21 no.11 pp.1675-1691, 2010
Date of Publication Paper Title
2023.03 Shuheng Cao、Syauki Aulia Thamrin、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), Improving the Quality of Public Transportation by Dynamically Adjusting the Bus Departure Time , 38th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing, Mar. 2023, Tallinn Estonia
2021.04 H. Wijayanto、W. Wang、W.S. Ku、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), LShape Partitioning: Parallel Skyline Query Processing using MapReduce , IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, Apr. 2021, Greece/Crete/Chania
2021.01 H. Wijayanto、S.A. Thamrin、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), Upgrading Products based on Existing Dominant Competitors , Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Jan. 2021, USA/Hawaii/Kauai
2019.12 H. Yang、C.F. Chiang、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), Discovering High Demanding Bus Routes Using Farecard Data , IEEE International Conference on Big Data, Dec. 2019, 美國 加州 洛杉磯
2019.07 Y.C. Huang、C.F. Chiang、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), Predicting Depression Tendency based on Image, Text and Behavior Data from Instagram , International Conference on Data Science, Technologies and Applications, Jul. 2019, Czech Republic Prague
2019.04 P.H. Wu、J.L. Koh、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), Event Detection for Exploring Emotional Upheavals of Depressive People , ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing, Apr. 2019, Cyprus Limassol
2017.12 W.H. Lee、E.T. Wang、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), Mining Accompanying Relationships between Diseases from Patient Records , IEEE International Conference on Big Data, Dec. 2017, USA/MA/Boston
2017.07 W.Y. Chang、E.T. Wang、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), A Data, driven Framework on Mining Relationships between Air Quality and Cancer Diseases - International Conference on Data Science, Technology and Applications, Jul. 2017, Madrid, Spain
2017.05 C.C. Lu、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), Finding the Shortest Path with User Requirements , International Conference on Data Mining, Communications and Information Technology, May. 2017, Phuket, Thailand
2016.09 Yu-Chi Chen、En Tzu Wang、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), Mining User Trajectories from Smartphone Data Considering Data Uncertainty , International Conference on Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery - DaWaK 2016, Sep. 2016, Porto, Portugal
2016.07 Kuan-Chieh Tung、En Tzu Wang、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), Mining Event Sequences from Social Media for Election Prediction , Industrial Conference on Data Mining, Jul. 2016, Newark, NJ, USA
2016.05 范耀中(Yao-Chung Fan)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), "A framework for enabling user preference profiling through Wi, Fi logs" - IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, May. 2016, Helsinki, Finland
2015.07 鄭瑞賢(Ruei Sian Jheng)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), "Determining Top, K Candidates by Reverse Constrained Skyline Queries" - International Conference on Data Management Technologies and Applications, Jul. 2015, Colmar,Alsace, France
2015.01 周元亨(Yuan Heng Chou)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), "Finding Maximal Quasi, cliques Containing a Target Vertex in a Graph" - International Conference on Data Management Technologies and Applications, Jan. 2015
2014.03 Yi-Wen Lin(Yi-Wen Lin)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), "Finding Targets with the Nearest Favor Neighbor and Farthest Disfavor Neighbor by a Skyline Query" , ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Mar. 2014, Gyeongju, Republic of Korea
2014.01 Wei Heng Tai(Wei Heng Tai)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), "On Continuous Spatial Skyline Queriesover a Line Segment" , International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications, Jan. 2014
2014.01 Chih-Wei 張(Chih-Wei Chang)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), "On the Semantic Annotation of Daily Places: A Machine, Learning Approach" - ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Jan. 2014
2013.04 林王智瑞(C.J. Lin Wang)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), “Anonymization for Multiple Released Social Network Graphs" , Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Apr. 2013, Gold Coast, Australia
2013.01 莊坤翰(Kun-Han Juang)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), "Verification of k, Coverage on Query Line Segments" - International Database Engineering & Applications Symposium, Jan. 2013
2012.01 葉崇安(Tsung An Yeh)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), "Finding Leaders with Maximum Spread of Influence through Social Networks" , International Computer Symposium, Jan. 2012
2012.01 M.F. Tsai(M.F. Tsai)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), "Discovering leaders from social network by action cascade" , EuroSys Workshop on Social Network Systems, Jan. 2012
2012.01 D.J. Li(D.J. Li)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), "On Continuous Top, k Similarity Joins'' - International Conference on Data Technologies and Applications, Jan. 2012
2012.01 范耀中(Yao-Chung Fan)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), "Efficient Time Series Disaggregation for Non, intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring" - IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing, Jan. 2012
2011.01 W.C. Wang(W.C. Wang)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), Dynamic Skylines Considering Range Queries , International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications, Jan. 2011
2010.01 Hui Zhu Su(Hui Zhu Su)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), "Continuous Probabilistic Skyline Queries over Uncertain Data Streams" , International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications, Jan. 2010
2010.01 林真伊(Chen-Yi Lin)、陳良弼(Arbee L.P. Chen), "A Better Strategy of Discovering Link, Pattern Based Communities by Classical Clustering Methods" - Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Jan. 2010
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憂鬱症之偵測與預警 106-2221-E-468 -014 -MY2
天際線查詢之平行處理及商業應用 107-2221-E-468 -013 -
透過天際線與Top-k技術升級產品以獲取更多利潤 108-2221-E-468 -014 -
Award Name Awarding Unit
Best Paper Award
Best Paper Award, 2019 ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing ACM
Master Thesis Supervision Award Institute of Information & Computing
Distinguished Engineering Professor Award The Chinese Institute of Engineers
Best Dissertation Supervision Award Acer
Research Fellow Award (two times) National Science Council
Best Dissertation Supervision Award (three times) Institute of Information & Computing Machinery
Who’s Who in the Republic of China Government Information Office
Distinguished Research Award (three times) National Science Council
Master Thesis Supervision Award The Chinese Institute of Electrical
Distinguished Research Fellow Award National Science Council
Best Dissertation Supervision Award Taiwan Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
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