Hsush-Ting Chu (朱學亭)
Status Chairman
Name Hsush-Ting Chu (朱學亭)
Position Associate Professor and Chairman
Education Ph.D. in Information Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Extension 1833
Research Areas Bioinformatics, Digital learning, Pattern recognition, Neural networks, Artificial intelligence
Office hour Office hour
Websites Web pageT-portfolio
Office I511
Experience Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Asia University
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Asia University
Technician of National Cheng Kung University Aerospace Science and Technology Research Center
Postdoctoral researcher at National Taiwan University School of Medicine
Head of the Biomedical Group of the Institute of Information Technology (III)
Director of the Medical Information Center of Cathay General Hospital
Year Paper Title
2024 Wen-Hsien Chang、Chih-Chieh Chen、Han-Kuei Wu、Po-Chi Hsu、Lun-Chien Lo、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)*、Hen-Hong Chang, Tongue feature dataset construction and realtime detection, PLoS One, vol.7 no.19 pp.e0296070-, 2024
2022 Erh-Jen Hou、Chi-Shih Huang、Ying-Chou Lee、Yu-San Han、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)*, A method for the process of collagen modified polyester from fish scales waste, Journal of Electronic Science and Technology, vol.9 pp.101636-101636, 2022
2022 Chia-Wei Lin、Hung-Yu Huang、Jeng-Hung Guo、Wei-Laing Chen、Hong-Mo Shih、Tai-Yi Hsu、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)*、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang), Does Weekends Effect Exist in Asia? Analysis of Endovascular Thrombectomy for Acute Ischemic Stroke in A Medical Center, CURRENT NEUROVASCULAR RESEARCH, 2022
2022 Erh-Jen Hou、Yun-Yu Hsieh、Ting-Wei Hsu、Chi-Shih Huang、Ying-Chou Lee、Yu-San Han、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)*, Circular economy for reduction of environmental impact of COVID-19 face mask waste, Sustainable Materials and Technologies, vol.33 no.e00475, 2022
2021 Erh-JenHou、Chi-Shih Huang、Ying-Chou Lee、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)*, Upcycled aquaculture waste as textile ingredient for promoting circular economy, Sustainable Materials and Technologies, vol.2021 no.e00336, 2021
2021 Hen-Hong Chang、Su-Yin Chiang、Pei-Chun Chen、Chia-Han Tsai、Rong-Chi Yang、Chiu-Lin Tsai、Tsung-Hsiu Wu、Yow-Wen Hsieh、Yu-Chun Lin、Yung-Te Kuo、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)*, A system for reporting and evaluating adverse drug reactions of herbal medicine in Taiwan from 1998 to 2016, Scientific Reports, vol.11 no.1 pp.21476-, 2021
2018 Tieh-Cheng Fu、Chaur-Chin Chen、Ching-Mao Chang、Hen-Hong Chang, Analysis of Exercise-Induced Periodic Breathing Using an Autoregressive Model and the Hilbert-Huang Transform, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, vol.2018, 2018
2016 簡慧雯(Hui-Wen Chien)、廖淑娟(Shu-chuan Liao)、黃松林(song-lin Huang)、Ching-Mao Chang、Hui-Ling Chen、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)*, Selecting Internet Videos and Pictures for Personalized Reminiscence Therapy, International Journal of Electronics and Information Engineering, vol.5 no.1 pp.47-55, 2016
2015 Ching-Mao Chang、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、Yau-Huei Wei、Fang-Pey Chen、Shengwen Wang、Po-Chang Wu、Hung-Rong Yen、Tzeng-Ji Chen、Hen-Hong Chang(Hen-Hong Chang)*, The Core Pattern Analysis on Chinese Herbal Medicine for Sjögren's syndrome: A Nationwide Population-Based Study, Scientific Reports, vol.5 no.9541, 2015
2014 朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、Wei-Shan Tsai、李紹毓(Shao-Yu LEE), A Cloud Service for Learning Chinese Pronunciation, Journal of Electronic Science and Technology, vol.12 no.1 pp.54-58, 2014
2014 朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)*、林新力(Hsin-Li Lin)、Wen-Chien Su、Wen-Chien Su, A Cloud Service Model for Multilingual Home-School Communications, Journal of Electronic Science and Technology, vol.12 no.2, 2014
2014 Chien-Hao Su、Chien-Shun Chiou、Jung-Che Kuo、Pei-Jen Wang、Cheng-Yan Kao、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)*, Family Competition Pheromone Genetic Algorithm for Comparative Genome Assembly, Journal of Electronic Science and Technology, vol.12 no.4 pp.405-409, 2014
2013 朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、William W. L. Hsiao、曹純惠(Theresa T. H. Tsao)、許德標(D. Frank Hsu)、陳朝欽(Chaur-Chin Chen)、李盛安(Sheng-An Lee)、高成炎(Cheng-Yan Kao)*, SeqEntropy: Genome-wide assessment of repeats for short read sequencing, PLoS One, vol.8 no.3, 2013
2013 朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、William W. L. Hsiao、陳仁治(Jen-Chih Chen)、葉慈容(Tze-Jung Yeh)、蔡孟勳(Mong-Hsun Tsai)、林翰(Han Lin)、劉燕雯(Yen-Wenn Liu)、李盛安(Sheng-An Lee)、,、高成炎(Cheng-Yan Kao)*、、、, EBARDenovo: Highly accurate de novo assembly of RNA-Seq with efficient chimera-detection, BIOINFORMATICS, vol.29 no.8 pp.1004-1010, 2013
2013 朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、林翰(Han Lin)、曹純惠(Theresa T.H. Tsao)、張春梵(Chun-Fan Chang)、William W. L. Hsiao、葉慈容(Tze-Jung Yeh)、張清貿(Ching-Mao Chang)、劉燕雯(Yen-Wenn Liu)、王澤毅(Tse-Yi Wang)、楊克鈞(Ko-Chun Yang)、陳祟瑞(Tsung-Jui Chen)、陳仁治(Jen-Chih Chen)、陳光琦(Kuang-Chi Chen)、高成炎(Cheng-Yan Kao)*, Genotyping of human neutrophil antigens (HNA) from whole genome sequencing data, BMC Medical Genomics, vol.6 no.31, 2013
2012 朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、William WL Hsiao、曹純惠(Theresa TH Tsao)、張清貿(Ching-Mao Chang)、劉燕雯(Yen-Wenn Liu)、范振杰(Chen-Chieh Fan)、林翰(Han Lin)、張恒鴻(Hen-Hong Chang)、葉慈容(Tze-Jung Yeh)、陳仁治(Tze-Jung Yeh)、黃敦銘(Dun-Ming Huang)、陳朝欽(Chaur-Chin Chen)、高成炎(Cheng-Yan Kao)*、, Quantitative assessment of mitochondrial DNA copies from whole genome sequencing, BMC GENOMICS, vol.13 no.S7 pp.1-5, 2012
2011 徐健翔(Chien-Hsiang Hsu)、王澤毅(Tse-Yi Wang)、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、高承炎(Cheng-Yan Kao)、陳光琦(Kuang-Chi Chen), A quantitative analysis of monochromaticity in genetic interaction networks, BMC BIOINFORMATICS, vol.12 no.S13 pp.S16-1-S16-15, 2011
2010 Charles C.H. Liu、Chia-Huang Chang、Mu-Chun Sud、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、Sheng-Hui Hung、Jau-Min Wong、Pa-Chun Wang(Pa-Chun Wang)*, RFID-initiated workflow control to facilitate patient safety and utilization efficiency in operation theater, COMPUTER METHODS AND PROGRAMS IN BIOMEDICINE, vol.104 no.3 pp.435-442, 2010
2009 陳雅惠、蘇木春(Mu-Chun Su)、洪聖惠(Sheng-Hui Hung)、張嘉晃(Chia-Huang Chang)、劉致和(Charles C. H. Liu)、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、王拔群(Pa-Chun Wang)*, Development and Integration of a Surgical Patient Advancement Monitor System Using Active RFID Technology, The Journal of Taiwan Association for Medical Informatics, vol.18 no.1 pp.11-22, 2009
2009 張清貿(Ching-Mao Chang)、侯庭鏞(Tin-Yun Ho)、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、李佳橙(Chia-Cheng Lee)、張永賢(Yung-Hsien Chang), A Mathematical Method to Differentiate the Effects of "Aconitum carmichaeli Debx" in Different Prescriptions, Mid-Taiwan Journal of Medicine, vol.13 no.3 pp.152-157, 2009
2005 蔡明岳(Ming-Yueh Tsai)、張春梵(Chun-Fan Chang)、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、詹鎮熊(Chen-hsiung Chan)、張金堅(King-Jen Chang)、高成炎(Cheng-Yao Kao)、陳朝欽(Chaur-Chin Chen), Microarray Image Pre-Analysis for Critical Gene Expression Computation with Implemented Algorithmic Kernel, 華岡農科學報 no.16 pp.43-50, 2005
2003 朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、陳朝欽(Chaur-Chin Chen), On Bounding Boxes of Iterated Function System Attractors, COMPUTERS & GRAPHICS-UK, vol.27 no.3 pp.407-414, 2003
2001 朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、陳朝欽(Chaur-Chin Chen)*, Accelerating Fractal Compression with a Real-time Decoder, JOURNAL OF INFORMATION SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, vol.17 no.3 pp.417-428, 2001
Year Book Title
2019 朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu), Application of Omics, AI and Blockchain in Bioinformatics Research, High-Performance Computing for Measurement of Cancer Gene Signatures, World Scientific Publishing, Jan. 2019
2016 Cancer Gene Profiling, Transcriptome Sequencing for the Detection of Chimeric Transcripts, Springer, Jan. 2016
2016 朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu), Transcriptome Sequencing for the Detection of Chimeric Transcripts, Humana Press, New York, NY, Jan. 2016
Date of Publication Paper Title
2021.11 沈慧萍、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、陳柏淩, 幼兒園食農教育的行動研究 , 2021學校午餐跨部會全國會議, Nov. 2021, 台南
2021.11 Chang, Chih-Lung、Tseng, Hsin-Ming、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu), Fireworks Image Classification with Deep Learning , The 2022 Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence (TAAI 2022), Nov. 2021, Taiwan
2019.11 朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、何承遠(Cheng-Yuan Ho)、洪淑慎, Talent Education for Deep Learning, based Automated Optical Inspection - The 2019 Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence (TAAI 2019), Nov. 2019, Taiwan
2019.05 劉怡伶、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu), 數位學習平台應用在國小六年級成語教學之研究 , 資訊教育與科技應用研討會(IETAC 2019), May. 2019, 台中市
2018.11 Wen-Hsien Chang、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、Hen-Hong Chang, Tongue Fissure Visualization with Deep Learning , The 2018 Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence (TAAI 2018), Nov. 2018, Taichung, Taiwan
2018.10 Ming-Yi Yen、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、陳玉菁(YU-CHING CHEN)、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), Identification of potential long non, coding RNA biomarkers for BRCA1-drived triple-negative breast cancer patients - The 18th IEEE International Conference on BioInformatics and BioEngineering 2018, Oct. 2018, Taiwan
2018.10 Ming-Yi Yen、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、陳玉菁(YU-CHING CHEN)、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), The 18th IEEE International Conference on BioInformatics and BioEngineering 2018, Oct. 2018, Taiwan
2018.03 林虹均、施柏瑄、曹榮穎、陳方佩、張清貿, 利用數學模式分析方法 探討歷代艾附暖宮丸同名方劑之異同性 , 2018 第10屆台北國際中醫藥學術論壇10th Taipei Traditional Chinese Medicine International Fourm 2018, Mar. 2018, 台大醫院國際會議中心
2018.03 線上同儕互評應用在小學中年級閱讀心得的學習成效 , 2018 資訊教育與科技應用研討會, Mar. 2018, 台灣修平科大
2018.03 簡宛廷、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu), 線上同儕互評應用在小學中年級閱讀心得的學習成效 , 資訊教育與科技應用研討會(IETAC 2018), Mar. 2018, 台灣/台中
2017.06 A study on developing a companion robot for dementia care , The Asian Conference on Aging & Gerontology (AGen) 2017, Jun. 2017, Kobe, Japan
2016.06 王陵瑤, 應用數位學習在國中成語翻轉教室之研究 , 2016數位科技與創新管理研討會, Jun. 2016, 華梵大學
2016.04 Ting-Syuan Wang、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、Hen-Hong Chang, New Evidence Based on TCM, ADR Platform - 第18屆國際東洋醫學研討會 18th International Congress of Oriental Medicine, Apr. 2016, 日本沖繩
2016.03 黃珮婷、王陵瑤, 應用Biodigital平台在暖身課程之研究 , 2016 IETAC資訊教育與科技應用研討會, Mar. 2016, 中台科技大學
2014.12 Analysis of Exercise Ventilation with Autoregressive Model and Hilbert, Huang Transform - International Computer Symposium (ICS) 2014, Dec. 2014, Taichung
2014.10 Building a personalized platform for RNA, Seq de novo analysis - Next Generation Sequencing Congress Asia 2014, Oct. 2014, Singapore
2014.10 林育萱、張秋萍, 應用互動3D模型提升小學英語的學習動機 , 2014「全球教育論壇:教育革新與學生學習」研討會, Oct. 2014, 台北
2014.10 Hsing-Chih Chiang、Yu-Hsuan Lin, Home, School Communications for Transnational Marriage Families - 2014「全球教育論壇:教育革新與學生學習」研討會, Oct. 2014, 台北
2014.10 蔣杏枝、莊玲瑜, 應用電子書的測驗功能提升國小低年級課外閱讀的學習 , 2014「全球教育論壇:教育革新與學生學習」研討會, Oct. 2014, 台北
2014.05 結合磨課師的雲端學習, 以小學三年級數學為例 - 2014 IETAC資訊教育與科技應用研討會, May. 2014, 弘光科技大學
2014.05 應用Zygote Body平台在K12課程之研究 , 2014 IETAC資訊教育與科技應用研討會, May. 2014, 弘光科技大學
2013.12 蘇建豪、王培任、郭榮哲、邱乾順、高成炎, Family competition pheromone genetic algorithm for comparative genome assembly , 2013全國計算機會議, Dec. 2013, 台中
2013.10 Next Generation Sequencing Congress Asia 2013, Oct. 2013, Sigapore
2013.08 Using social networks to promote reporting of TCM adverse drug reaction , 12th Meeting of the Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine, Aug. 2013, Graz, Austria
2013.05 蘇文茜, 3D虛擬實境應用於國小低年級防災教育的成效研究 , 2013數位內容與多媒體應用研討會, May. 2013, 苗栗
2013.05 王建智, 雲端服務在國小高年級數學教育的應用評估 , 2013數位內容與多媒體應用研討會, May. 2013, 苗栗
2013.03 陳瑞雯, 遊戲教學電子書融入數學教學之研究, 以國小二年級乘法為例 - 2013資訊教育與科技應用研討會, Mar. 2013, 台中
2013.03 5. 蘇玲玉, 運用多媒體電子書對國小學生日記寫作之學習成效 , 2013資訊教育與科技應用研討會, Mar. 2013, 台中
2013.03 4. 張淑華, 應用Google地球對國小二年級生活課程的學習成效研究 , 2013資訊教育與科技應用研討會, Mar. 2013, 台中
2012.12 朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、Tze-Jung Yeh、Jen-Chih Chen、Han Lin、Cheng-Yan Kao, Detection of RNA editing factors from de novo assembly of Arabidopsis RNA, Seq data - International Conference on Translational Biomedical Informatics (ICTBI 2012), Dec. 2012, Taicang, China
2012.10 Chun-Fan Chang、Chen-Chieh Fan、Cheng-Yan Kao, Improve Binding Affinity by Twin Adhesive Drugs Mined in, between Docking Bio-mimicry Omega-shape Nona-peptide Agretope on HLA-1 Pit - TBC 2012: Translational Bioinformatics Conference, Oct. 2012, Jeju Island, Korea
2012.10 王建智、黃敦銘, 台灣企業雲端服務的評估 , 台灣網際網路研討會(TANET2012), Oct. 2012, 桃園
2010.04 陳思叡、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、林新力(Hsin-Li Lin), 電子商務網站國際化的研究 , 2010年資訊科技國際研討會, Apr. 2010, 朝陽科技大學
2009.06 王維仁, 醫療事件管理平台的安全性設計 , 第十九屆資訊安全會議, Jun. 2009, 台灣科技大學
2008.11 朱富平、施威祥、劉致和、吳宛蕙、王拔群, 臨床檢驗異常值多方雙向傳呼系統之建置 , 2008 台灣醫學資訊聯合研討會, Nov. 2008, 陽明大學
2008.11 Wei-Zhe Chang、Chaur-Chin Chen、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、Chwei-Shium Yang, The Factors of Chronic Kidney Disease: Diabetes, Hypertension, Smoking, 2008 台灣醫學資訊聯合研討會, Nov. 2008, 陽明大學
2008.11 黃立德、林祐民、劉致和、吳宛蕙、王拔群, 電子化醫師交接班系統之建置 , 2008 台灣醫學資訊聯合研討會, Nov. 2008, 陽明大學
2007.11 朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、Wei-Shang Shie、Chien-Chun Yang、Sheng-Hui Hung、Charles C.H. Liu、Pa-Chun Wang、Cheng-Hua Huang、Ching-Shui Huang, Design of Sentry Robots: New Medical Information System for Patient Safety , IHF 35th World Hospital Congress, Nov. 2007, Seoul, Korea
2006.10 朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、陳朝欽(Chaur-Chin Chen)、張春梵(Chun-Fan Chang)、高成炎(Cheng-Yan Kao), CTL epitope prediction for cancer/testis (CT) antigens , Joint meeting of the 2nd Basic and Clinical Immunogenomics and 3rd Immunoinformatics (Immunomics) Conferences (BCII2006), Oct. 2006, Hungary
2006.09 張清貿(Chin-Mou Chang)、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、李佳橙(Chia-Cheng Lee)、羅欣宜(Hsin-Yi Lo)、陳兆群(Jaw-Chyun Chen)、項千芸(Chien-Yun Hsiang)、張永賢(Chang,Yung-Hsien)、侯庭鏞(Tin-Yun Ho), HerbBlast: A program for similarity and ontology analysis of Chinese herbal medicine , Bioinformatics in Taiwan, Sep. 2006, Taiwan
2006.06 Chaur-Chin Chen、Cheng-Yan Kao、Chun-Fan Chang、Chiung-Nien Chen, Simple Software for Microarray Image Analysis , The 3rd Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision, 2006 (CRV2006), Jun. 2006, Quebec, Canada
2005.07 陳朝欽, Similarity measurement between images , 29th Annual InternationalComputer Software and Applications Conference, 2005 (COMPSAC 2005), Jul. 2005, Edinburgh, UK
2000.09 朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、陳朝欽, A fast algorithm for generating fractals , 15th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2000 (ICPR2000), Sep. 2000, Barcelona, Spain
2000.09 An efficient decoding scheme for fractal image compression , 2000 International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP2000), Sep. 2000, Vancouver, Canada
1998.03 陳朝欽, On accelerating fractal compression , Data Compression Conference, 1998 (DCC 98), Mar. 1998, Snowbird, Utah
Award Name Awarding Unit
AICUP2020愛文芒果等級分類競賽(研究所) 教育部
AICUP2020愛文芒果等級分類競賽(大學部) 教育部
創新教材問題解決提升教案類-特優獎 本校
AICUP2019新聞立場檢索技術獎金賽 教育部
AICUP2019生醫論文自動分析正式賽 教育部
「科技大擂台與AI對話」Fun Cup比賽 科技部
微軟全球學生大賽–潛能創意盃佳作 微軟公司
Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 EE300037B 學輔時間(一) 113
大學日間部 EE300037C 學輔時間(一) 113
Year Research Title Authors
103 應用ZYGOTE BODY對國小六年級健康教育課程學習成效之研究 張秋萍
103 結合磨課師的雲端學習-以小學三年級數學為例 莊玲瑜
103 應用電子書的測驗功能提升國小低年級 課外閱讀的學習 蔣杏枝
102 遊戲教學電子書融入數學教學之研究 -以國小二年級乘法為例 陳瑞雯
102 運用多媒體電子書對國小學生日記寫作之學習成效 蘇玲玉
102 應用Google地球對國小二年級生活課程的學習成效研究 張淑華
101 電子書融入國小低年級英語學習之研究 蔡維珊
101 雲端服務在國小高年級數學教育的應用評估 王建智
101 3D虛擬實境應用於國小低年級防災教育的成效研究 蘇文茜
100 台灣企業雲端服務的評估 黃敦銘
098 電子商務網站國際化方法之研究分析 陳思叡
097 醫療事件管理平台的安全性設計 王維仁
097 服務導向架構(SOA)的病人安全資訊平台 李東帆
096 肝癌疫苗的表位預測 莊玉如
095 設計耕地建構評估及管理的地理資訊系統 Fahri
094 氣喘預警行動服務系統 黃麒昌
094 以智慧型手機建構行動圖書資訊系統 林宏陶
094 運用RSS機制之客服追蹤系統 洪進興
094 以自適應共振理論進行中草藥作用的自動化推論 朱富平
094 初感風寒適用的中藥方劑分析 林宜親
094 禽流感病毒抑制劑之虛擬藥物篩選 陳勇瑞
094 問題導向的數位學習系統-以寬頻電信網路維修為例 林瑞堂
093 以智慧型手機建構學生點名系統 王俊仁
Publish Date Patent Title Patent Number
2014/10/11 具高效噴灑輔助系統之便攜式滅火器 中華民國新型專利:M487748
2014/10/11 降低流浪貓犬生育的項圈 中華民國新型專利:M487625
2014/09/11 多功能防狼筆(可結合可攜式行動電子裝置的供功能防狼筆) 中華民國新型專利:M486119
2014/09/11 結合行動裝置及自發電之自行車的防偷警報裝置 中華民國新型專利:M485852
2014/08/11 公車乘載資訊服務系統 中華民國新型專利:M484157
2014/07/01 拍震傳感開關之音響 中華民國新型專利:M481005
2014/02/01 桶裝礦泉水變形開飲裝置 中華民國新型專利:M471566