H405 - Mobile & Computing Networking Lab.

  • 蔡孟樺
The Mobile & Computing Lab. focuses on the research of networks, neural networks, mobile communications and computing, multimedia systems and other related fields. In recent years, it has focused more on some popular research fields, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. This lab. mainly implements the research projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the college student participation in research projects, and cooperates with the research resources of the China Medical University Hospital and the Asia University Hospital. We apply research methods to the medical field, strengthen basic and applied medical research, and cultivate research talents in AI and medical-related fields.

Recent research topics:
1. 3D modeling and design software development
2. Lumbar Spine CT Images Synthesis using Generative Adversarial Networks
3. Using Video and Driving Data to Analyze the Relationship between Vehicle Crash and Driving Status

Min-Shiang Hwang, Cheng-Hung Chuang,   Wei-Zu Yang,  Kuo-Yu Kuan
Research Topics
Network management, neural network, mobile communication and computing, multimedia system