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PhD Program

  • Course Arrangement

    The doctorate program is planned on the principle of: using the basic research ability as a foundation and in combination with advanced core courses on information engineering, the students will be equipped with professional knowledge and can independently analyze and solve problems. Doctorate program students will be trained to have strengthened abilities in discovering problems, independent research, and problem solving.

    Advanced elective courses on information engineering include the following major categories, "artificial intelligence", "mobile computing and networks", "knowledge management", "information systems", "multimedia systems", "semiconductor information", and "embedded systems". 



  • Doctorate program students must take at least 6 courses along with a Doctorate thesis (6 credits), seminar (3 credits) and a total of 27 credits to graduate. The graduation requirements for the doctorate program include fulfilling course requirements, passing the qualification exams, completing doctorate thesis project with the oral exam and paper publication. 
  • To pass the qualify exam, the students need to pass 4 subjects out of the 6 selectable subjects offered by the department.  
    The published paper must be at least one SCI (or two EI) and one EI seminar paper.