2023spring semesterTeaching Evaluation SystemAnnouncement

  • 2022-12-13
  • 黃千瑜
I. Teaching Evaluation Systemopening hours
December12,2022(10:00am)~ December 30,2022(5:00pm)Please answerthe survey online before the deadline

II. 2023spring semester pre-course registration will be available fromDec.26to Dec.302021To reach our executive goalfrom theTeaching Excellenceplanplease finishthe evaluation for all subjects before your course registration.

III. How to log intoTeaching Evaluation System」:
HomepageAdministrationLink to Administrative OfficesOffice of Academic AffairsCourse Selections and StudentInformation SystemStudent Information SystemSatisfactionSystemTeaching EvaluationsEvaluation Form

Please call without hesitation if you have any questions(ext 31163131)