(Professor/Student - 110/3/25) Smart Home with Software Intelligence, IoT and AI

講題:Smart Home with Software Intelligence, IoT and AI

講者:中央大學 胡誌麟教授

日期:110.03.25 ()

時間:13:10 ~ 15:00

地點:資電大樓  I313 教室


演講大綱:Smart home computing focuses on “home” and combines related peripheral industries to jointly promote smart home services, including smart appliances, home entertainment, home health care and security monitoring, to build a safe and secure, energy-saving, sustainable and comfort residential living environment. Twenty years have passed. When we look back, there is still no clear definition of “intelligence at home.” Philips Inc., a leading consumer electronics company, ever said that intelligence should include sensing, connected, learning, adaptation, and ease to interact. Smart applications and services are still in the development stage; till now, they are not all capable of these five intelligent characteristics. In this talk, the speaker would like to present a topic, “smart home with soft-intelligence, IoT and AI,” with many scenarios that differ from traditional usages which require tedious manual operations. From my personal point of view, I will propose four technical directions, i.e., home networking, context awareness, recognization and user interface, which I personally call ”enabling technologies and effects” to build a smart home. To ease of understanding, the speaker will present a set of practical design, development and services for realizing some interesting cases with various networked devices and sensors in home computing contexts. It is believed that the prospect of smart home services could provide better user experience, and also inspires new and future applications and services in ubiquitous home network environments.