(110th) Center for International Academic Exchange Announcement - Railway Technology Practicum Course [Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology Intercampus Elective Course]

Student section
Students wishing to apply for the "Sea of Learning" and "Sea of Learning (low- and middle-income households)" overseas exchange program subsidies, please click on the following link to fill out the application form: https://reurl.cc/NXRKyQ

And join the Outbound Club (https://reurl.cc/0DXM4K ) for more information.

For a list of exchange schools, please refer to the following website: https://reurl.cc/OX4NDR.

There is only one opportunity to apply each year, so if you miss this opportunity, you will have to wait one year to apply for the 110-1, 110-2 or 111-1 exchange. If you have applied for a grant and later wish to change your exchange school or cancel your exchange, you may do so.

The NCCC will check the school system for historical grade point averages and class rank percentages.

The internal student evaluation is tentatively scheduled to be completed by March 18.


Teachers who plan to apply for grants for overseas internship programs such as "Building Dreams for Learning" and "Building Dreams for Learning in the New South" should fill out the application form by clicking the following link: https://reurl.cc/dVW4yV so that the National Communication Center can create an account for the program host and notify the program host to submit the program on the Learning Ocean system platform. This year's application can be submitted between June 1, 110 and October 31, 111.

The internal project evaluation is tentatively scheduled to be completed by March 18.

If you have any questions, please contact the National Center Assistant #6278 and #3611.