★ 111-2 Semester Course Pre-Selection Announcement

  • 2022-12-16
  • 資訊工程系辦
★ 111-2 Semester Course Pre-Selection Announcement
Pre-screening is open on "111/12/27(Tue)~12/30(Fri)", and the related description is as follows (Please refer to the attachment for the complete announcement)

⇒Opening hours.
Daytime 4th grade and B.S. 4th grade: 111/12/27(Tue) 10:00 - 111/12/30(Fri) 17:00;
Full year: 111/12/28(Wed) 10:00 - 111/12/30(Fri) 17:00 

 ⇒Before the pre-screening, please note that
1.111/12/26(Mon) 12:00am for students to inquire about 111-2 class schedule and courses.

If you do not complete the form, you will be randomly selected by the system; juniors and seniors should click on the Physical Education button in the course selection system, and the list of courses will show "Physical Education (4)". Each student may take a maximum of 2 courses each (a maximum of 1 course will be randomly selected by the system), and lower level students are strictly prohibited from taking upper level physical education courses.

3. Students who have not completed the "Teacher and Instructor Satisfaction Survey" will not be able to pre-select (if students do not "pre-select" in time, they are required to add or withdraw from the course during the first week of classes.)
  Please complete the satisfaction survey in "Student Information System" and then go to the course selection system to make a pre-selection.
  Students who have passed the transfer in 111-2 semester should complete the questionnaire survey with their old student number before using the new student number for pre-selection (the list of approved students will be announced on the website of the Office on 111/12/20).

4. Students with minor/dual major status have adjusted the maximum number of credits to 31/33 on the course selection system and can choose their own minor/dual major courses.

⇒After pre-screening, course selection results will be announced.
If the maximum number of students enrolled in each course reaches the maximum number of courses, they will be randomly selected by the department after the pre-screening process.
(After the pre-screening process is completed and before the pre-screening results are announced, the 111-2 semester schedule inquiry function will not be available for the time being.

Good luck and good luck!
The Registrar's Office Registration and Classes Section would like to take care of you.

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