[Office of Academic Affairs] 109-2 semester postgraduate thesis examination "application" and "verification form" signing instructions

  • 2021-06-10
  • 蔡孟樺
★★★0624 update ★★★Announcement of Academic Affairs Office↓ Department of Office Report↓The latest news of the thesis system
Application form for postponing degree examination, reasons and explanations for postponing degree examination/leaving procedures(Attach relevant certificates)
Master and doctoral degree examination application time, final paper submission time, teacher registration time for student degree examination scores, and student leaving school time, etc. Please respond to individual conditions such as the epidemic situation, campus conditions, and the needs of students and teachers
(Causes such as: personal diagnosis, home isolation, home quarantine, independent health management, national epidemic prevention alert, etc.)

Graduate students must submit this application form before July 31, 2021.
Deadline for submission of information:6/30→7/9
Time to upload the paper7/31→8/31
Speaking test fee application: be sure to ask the professor to print and sign it(Delivered to Department Office before 7/30)
For the epidemic situation, you can email the file to the department office mailbox (csie@asia.edu.tw). Please send it at least 2 days in advance to have time to correct the information. (If there is an error exceeding the time, the graduation will be postponed)
  1. Postgraduates need to upload the signed authorization letter to the "step3 print and upload authorization letter of the thesis system; if there is a review and return, the system will delete the originally uploaded authorization letter by default, and must re-upload the signed authorization letter.
  2. The version of the power of attorney has been updated. You only need to submit one copy to the library when you are leaving the school to submit 2 paper papers.
  3. In response to the epidemic, the paper review schedule was changed to 3 working days. Graduate students can pay in person at the library from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 13:10 to 17:00 (if you cannot come in, the department office can unify Collection or the library can sign for the epidemic prevention station) or registered mail to the library (41354 Liufeng Road, Wufeng District, Taichung City-Library Miss Shen), the review result will be carried out by the Email and mobile phone left when submitting the materials Notice.
1. Application for Graduate Degree Examination
Postgraduate Degree Examination Application Form: After the applicant completes the relevant materials and signs, scan it (or take a photo) and send it to the Department Office for review by E-mail.
Postgraduate Degree Examination Application Form-Attached Table (Video Attached Table): For filling in the video location, the school teachers and postgraduate oral exam locations are the campus office, classroom, meeting room or school dormitory. Please fill in the office/classroom/meeting room/dormitory number; Those whose location is off-campus should fill in the name of the road, such as "○○ (County) City ○○ District ○○ Road"; if an off-campus professor is in another school, just fill in the name of the school.
Transcripts over the years: printed and issued by the department office in the public affairs system.
The "Master's Thesis Research Plan Review Form" of each reviewer must be printed and attached together with the "Master's Thesis Research Plan Review Application Form and Results".
The remaining documents, such as the "Comparison Report on the Originality of Papers Signed by the Supervisor" and the "6-Hour Certificate of Academic Ethics Course", are printed and attached as electronic files/scan files.

When applying, please attach
1. Application form for postgraduate degree examination (certificate number must be attached, if not in time, please attach it one day before the oral exam at the latest)
2. Video attached table (please remember to make TEAMS video on the day of the oral test! And save the website to the department office, thank you)
3. The first draft of the paper (please upload to the cloud, and attach the website to the department office to download)
4. 6-hour certificate of academic ethics course
5. Original comparison report (Professors must sign, on the same paper, and less than 20%)
→→Approval letter and oral examination committee fee, must be autographed and mailed back to the school