Student Care Service

1. Scholarship: 

Various scholarships are provided by the school to assist students who need financial helps.

2. Accommodation:

The Dorm Service Team in the Office of Student Affairs assists students to handle various accommodation issues.

3. Student Clubs:

There are nearly 100 clubs for students' choices. Regular activities are held by the clubs, in addition to irregular ones offered by the International College and the departments. 

4. Learning and Career Development:

The mission of this center is to offer the following services: 
(1) information and advice about career services; 
(2) graduate employment survey and records; 
(3) alumni relations; 
(4) career counseling-responsible for job fairs and other related activities; 
(5) education counseling - responsible for caring students from the first mile to the last.

5. Chinese and English Language Education:

A "Corridor" is created here for learning English and other international languages.

6. Parent-greeting Phone-calling Center:

This center provides space and phones for students to make free long-distance calls to their parents and relatives. 

7. Housing Renting Guidance:

For more details, visit the Dormitory Section of the Office of Student Affairs in the Administration Center in the Administration Building. 

8. Transportation: 

Exit at Wufeng interchange (211 Km), turn right onto the Provincial Road 3, go straight till you meet Lioufeng Road, turn right and you will find us. Alternatively: exit at Wufeng interchange, turn left onto Linshen Road, drive till you arrive at Fushin Road, turn left. Once on Lioufeng Road, turn left and you will find us.