As high-tech industries such as information, biotechnology, and nanotech continue development, the global knowledge economy is officially upon us. In order to address the needs of this economy, we are realizing the principles of "integrating information technology management, improve new knowledge based systems". The department's curricula encompass information technology and information engineering to gain a firm grasp on the Internet, information media, video media and digital transfer, bioinformatics, medical information systems and other development trends in information technology in the hopes of creating national wealth and bettering public quality of life. Hence, university facilities are as professional computer and distance learning classrooms but in order to improve academic theory and practical applications, the department is equipped with the laboratories include logic design laboratory, microcomputer laboratory, digital Internet laboratory. These facilities provide the department's students a resource rich environment to practice the skills needed to address future trends.


Chairman: Professor W.C. Shih, Ext. 6100