The students learn to increase future competitiveness and employment and further studies with the creation of the Department of Information Engineering related courses provide students with the theory and practice of work confirms and consolidation opportunities to promote and improve learning in IT engineering work enthusiasm and interest and services, the Department Department will promote professional practice plan, help make the school students can apply what they have learned in the field of iT project related work, the department reached nurture iT engineering professionals, with the objectives of the national society.

Internship manufacturers

  • CMUH:CSIE(5)
  • Tainan Municipal An-Nan Hospital-China Medical University:CSIE(5)
  • Giant:CSIE(5)
  • tsc-tech:CSIE(15)
  • Taiwan Optical Platform:CSIE(5)
  • BlueEyes:CSIE(5)
  • Hitron Technologies:CSIE(5)
  • Trend Micro Inc
  • PlayRobot
  • Institute for Information Industry



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